From Our Founder: How SALOUR was Born

As we celebrate World Breastfeeding Week, I wanted to take a moment to share the story behind the birth of SALOUR.

SALOUR, and the first product I designed, our Rochelle Bodysuit, was created during my own breastfeeding journey, after the birth of my first son in 2020. 
My transition into motherhood was filled with the ups and downs that most first-time mums will be able to relate to. I found myself facing the physical and mental challenges of postpartum recovery and breastfeeding, and longing for a sense of my past self. 

A C-section left me uncomfortable in regular briefs, and scrolling through the internet during 2am feeds searching for a nursing bra I actually liked left me feeling defeated. Why wasn’t there more selection out there for breastfeeding mums? 

I cherished wearing my ’normal’  t-shirt as I quickly grew tired of the couple of maternity tops I had in my closet, but the constant need to pull the shirts up to breastfeed left my stomach exposed. 

I started wearing nursing bras and nursing singlets underneath, hoping for a solution. However, the bulkiness and complexity of wearing multiple layers frustrated me, especially when my letdown came so quickly.

The turning point came with the idea of a nursing bodysuit. It seemed like the perfect solution to all my challenges – no irritation, scar coverage, and the ability to wear it under any of my own clothes, allowing me to breastfeed with comfort and confidence in public spaces.

I began sketching out ideas and quickly fell in love with the Rochelle bodysuit; it was beautiful but also very practical. The more I designed, the more I thought that if I was craving something like this, surely there were other mums out there feeling the same way. Thus, the seeds of SALOUR were sown, fueled by a desire to empower new mums during their breastfeeding journey. 

SALOUR became my passion project, a place where I could create products that I genuinely loved and that served mothers during their breastfeeding journey and beyond. It was about more than just fashion and practicality; it was about empowerment, celebrating the unique beauty of motherhood, and helping mums like you feel a little more like themselves amongst the beautiful chaos that is the early years. 

SALOUR is more than just a brand; it's a community of strong, supportive mothers who uplift and inspire one another. Through our blog and social media, we aim to create a safe space for open conversations about the joys and challenges of motherhood.

Thank you for being a part of our story. Together, we're changing the narrative of breastfeeding, one beautiful nursing garment at a time.

With love,