How to embrace motherhood while working from home with your baby

Working from home with a baby in tow may sound like an ambitious feat, but rest assured, coming from a mama who has had 2 boys under 2 at home while working, it is possible!

Now I’m not saying it’s easy navigating this beautiful journey of motherhood while staying productive in your professional life. I have had to give myself so much grace in what I am capable of and set realistic expectations on what I can achieve in a day or week.


Is it possible to work from home and have a baby?

Absolutely! In fact, working from home with a baby has become a reality for many modern mums. While it may present unique challenges, it also offers the flexibility to be there for your baby's milestones while pursuing your career aspirations. Have breaks in your routine throughout the day that nurtures your well-being. I like to go for a walk down to grab a coffee when the sun is out, or a yoga session to get my body moving. Establish a designated workspace that sets a boundary between work and home life.


How do mums work from home with a baby?

Finding the right balance between your role as a mother and a professional is key. As much as I wanted to work, to use a different part of my brain that didn’t revolve around changing nappies, making food or the never ending task of cleaning up. I wanted to be as present as I could be while the boys were awake. I utilised their nap times for focused work, which meant getting them on a similar nap schedule.

You could also babywearing to keep them close while you work on tasks that require movement while they are small. A lot of the hours I was able to clock up with work was when they were in bed for the night. It seemed more a given that they’d go to bed and be asleep for a few hours vs getting up before them in the morning.


How do I entertain my baby when working from home?

Working from home with a baby requires creative solutions. Incorporate baby-friendly activities into your day, such as setting up a play area where you work with toys and books. That doesn’t mean you won’t be interrupted a million times a minute. But the more this is part of your daily routine, they do start to get into the groove too.


How can I work full time with my newborn?

Working full time with a newborn calls for strategic planning. Develop a schedule that syncs with your baby's routine, utilising their nap times for focused work sessions. Share childcare responsibilities with your partner, assigning specific blocks for work and baby care. Always easier said than done, give yourself grace and time to figure out what works best for you and your family. 

Embracing motherhood and working from home with SALOUR

Both Holly and I are working from home mums. We wanted to build into our foundation that SALOUR understands the journey of motherhood, that it is filled with challenges and triumphs and that no two days are the same. Which is reflected in our garments. They are designed to empower and support you in every aspect of your life. From our Rochelle Bodysuit to our thoughtfully crafted Emmy essentials, our products are tailored to embrace your role as a mother while pursuing your professional goals.


Key Takeaways:

  • Create a Routine: Establish a morning routine and designate a dedicated workspace to strike a balance between motherhood and work.
  • Have a Designated Workspace: This helps you mentally transition into work mode and leaves you with a clear end to your workday.
  • Set Schedules: Create a structured work schedule that aligns with your energy levels and communicates your availability to your team.
  • Share Childcare Responsibilities: If possible, coordinate with your partner to share childcare duties during work hours.
  • Extend Kindness: Be compassionate with yourself and others, understanding that this journey is a collective effort in unprecedented times.


Motherhood and working from home can harmoniously coexist, enabling you to nurture your baby while advancing in your professional journey. At SALOUR we believe in being supportive and empowering each other. Giving us the confidence to navigate the challenges and joys of both roles, embracing the moments as an empowered mother.